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Precast Production Management & Operation Personnel



bulletShk. Saif Noman Said
bulletShk. Omar Kasim Al-Essayi
bulletShk. Mohd Bin Salem Bin Mahfouz
bulletAbdul Elah Bin Mahfouz


bulletRadwan Mukred - General Manager
bulletJohn Durham - Technical Director (HCSME London)


bulletHerman Valdivia - Technical Manager (HCSME London)
bulletSaad Masharrawi - Marketing & Contracts manager
bulletMunir Ahmad - Factory Manager
bulletMohammed Mehdi - Senior Structural Engineer
bulletAnil Kumar - Structual Engineer
bulletManny Maquirang - Senior Architect
bulletRodolfo Flores - APC/GRC Production Manager
bulletCenon Javillo - Quality Assurance Manager
bulletAbraham - Information Technology


bulletIan Howey - Technical Manager (HCSME London)
bulletAhmed Fara Noman - Factory Manager
bulletNabil Golmohammed - Contracts & Marketing
bulletMumtaz Ahmad - Senior Structural Engineer
bulletBasem - Structural Engineer
bulletRoy Miranda - Senior Architect
bulletRashid Hussain - Mech. Engineer (TermoDeck)
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